UPCES Unveils a Newly Designed Online Application


altApplying to UPCES just got a lot better with this week's release of our newly designed UPCES Online Application

UPCES applicants will now use an online application with many more features designed to make applying easier and more user-friendly. What are these changes exactly? See the list below to get an idea:

  1. Registration: applicants will now register a Log-in ID (e-mail address) and password, which can be used to "save" the application and return to it later. No more filling out the application in one sitting!
  2. Uploads: applicants now have the option to upload all their required additional items, including the personal statement, updated resume, passport photocopy, copy of transcript, and personal photo. With all these items uploaded, applicants will be immediately eligible for admission review. Only the applicant's official transcript must eventually be mailed to our office in Prague to secure an admission decision.
  3. Modules: the new application includes interactive calendars and "tips" that make filling in the application much more straight-forward.
  4. Check-in: applicants can log into their account and view the progress of their application at any time, including updates on received materials and on their admission decision.

We're very excited to announce these new changes to our online application! Take a look at the new application yourself here!

NOTE: If you've used our old online application, please clear your computer's "cache" to properly view the new one.