Excursion to Sternberg Palace for "Rembrandt & Co." Exhibition


The Sternberg Palace is Prague's premier gallery for European art. Join UPCES for an afternoon excursion to this palace museum, perched on the Prague Castle Hill.

Museum Features


The Sternberg Palace exhibits European art mainly from the Classical Era to the Baroque, with emphasis on the 14th to 18th centuries. There are also works of art from ancient Greece and Rome.

Works include Italian, Spanish, French and Flemish masters from the 16th to the 18th century, such as Tintoretto, Ribera, Tiepolo, El Greco, Goya, Rubens and van Dyck, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, and more.

Exhibition Features

Our visit will coincide with the temporary exhibition "Rembrandt & Co; Stories Told by a Prosperous Age." With over 120 on loan from prestigious art institutions, along with works from the National Gallery's core Dutch collection, this exhibition is Prague's first comprehensive display of Dutch painting. The exhibition also includes a strong representation of Dutch engravings, etchings and other print works from the same “prosperous age.”

Rembrandt's "Man in an Oriental Costume" from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will be the most significant of all the paintings on loan.

The exhibition is the result of a years-long research project, during which many of the paintings underwent extensive technical examination and restoration. In the case of a number of prominent works, their real authors have been re-attributed, or their themes identified or determined with greater accuracy.

Palace History

The palace is one of the most famous residences surrounding the Prague Castle. Its impressive architecture and rich decoration makes it a prime example of the High Baroque style.

Vaclav Vojtech Count of Sternberg commissioned the palace in 1698. The building includes a monumental staircase, beautiful stucco walls, a bronze statue of a lion in the middle of the courtyard. The palace was used by the army during the World War II. and it became a barracks of Prague Castle Guard in 1945.

Date: Thursday, May 3
Leaving from our lobby at 2:30pm
RSVP by Monday, April 30