Health and Safety

UPCES takes every measure to provide our students with quality medical care and attention. We maintain close relationships with physicians that we trust to help our students with their medical needs. We work directly with a number of medical facilities in Prague who have English-speaking staff and specialize in the treatment of international patients. Most of our physicians have practiced medicine in the United States. Also, UPCES tuition provides comprehensive local health insurance for each student's stay in the Czech Republic.

Please see the following list of medical centers for more information:
Medical Centers
Dental Care
Counseling Services
24 Hour Pharmacies


The Safey App

UPCES uses a state-of-the-art system to ensure that all students have a direct line of contact with emergency services and UPCES managers in crisis situations. The SAFEY app, which every students will receive on their phones, uses GPS and communication technology to alert students and staff in real-time about threats to safety worldwide. This allows both students and managers to keep up to date and safe in the case of an emergency.

UPCES Tips For a Safe Semester         

Come Prepared

The best way to avoid a medical emergency is to prepare in advance. If you wear glasses or contacts, bring a copy of your prescription. If you take medication, pack enough for your entire stay. If you have any serious food allergies or restrictions, we recommend bringing a laminated card for your wallet which states this information, so that you can present it in restaurants (our staff will be happy to translate the information into Czech for you.) By considering possible health difficulties in advance, you can save yourself time, stress, and money. UPCES recommends seeing a physician at home to discuss health issues before departure.

Consider Your Mental and Physical Health

Study abroad can be quite physically and mentally challenging for students. Consider your own mental and physical health needs before applying for a study abroad program. If you believe you will face health challenges, take the necessary precautions before your arrival in Prague. The UPCES managers can assist you with any special health needs and will happily advise you on the difficulties you might face.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The most important factor in a safe study abroad experience is the sensible and cautious behavior of UPCES participants. Actions that jeopardize one's own safety and/or the safety of fellow students will not be tolerated and will be addressed immediately. It is important that each student is an active participant in his/her own health and safety. Students should consult the UPCES staff to gain further tips on maintaining safety.

Exercise Responsibility

Students are responsible for researching and understanding issues that relate to their safety, health, political, cultural and religious conditions in Prague. Students are expected to respect their fellow UPCES participants, housing partners, housing providers, UPCES personnel, and local authorities.


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