UPCES "Quizzo Night" Takes Over The Globe


alt"Quizzo Night" has quickly become one of the favorite events of each UPCES semester. It's easy to understand why: "Quizzo" brings together the Czech and American students for a night of socializing and friendly competition in a great atmosphere.

If you've never heard of "Quizzo," it refers to a trivia game played in teams, in which each team attempts to answer the most trivia questions correctly. "Quizzo" is a popular activity in Prague (and much of Europe) for expats and locals alike.

The Fall '12 UPCES "Quizzo Night" was a competition in multimedia format, including a picture round of celebrities during high school (pictured, right), a music round of movie studio intros, a video round of opening credits, and three general knowledge rounds on famous rivalries, quotations, and well-known animals.

This semester's "Quizzo Night" took place at The Globe, a popular cafe, bookstore, and cultural events center in Prague 1. The Globe provided the perfect venue, as well as great food and drinks. Although the American and Czech students formed many talented teams, only one walked away victorious. Congrats to the winning team: "Becherovka"!