Upcoming Czech-American event: Prague Football Game!

altFootball, along with ice hockey, is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic. In fact, Prague has six local football teams, each with its own impressive fan base. Without doubt, the two that rise above the rest are Sparta and Slavia, the most historic powerhouses of Czech football. For this UPCES event, we will be seeing Slavia in a match against the Moravian team FC Slovácko.

Slavia is one of the most successful football team in the Czech Republic. the team has a storied history filled with championships and dominance over the domestic league. Slavia has won 17 titles, several Czech cups and the Central European Cup in 1938. Their most recent success was winning the Gambrinus liga in the 2009 season.

The best known Slavia player of all time is perhaps forward Josef "Pepi" Bican, one of the most prolific goalscorers in the history of football. Other famous players include forward Antonín Puč,

FC Slovácko is a Czech football club from Uherské Hradiště, in Moravia. They are one of the best supported in the region. They are renowned for their very loyal and vocal support.

UPCES is going to see these rivals play each other in SYNOT TIP Arena on Sunday, April 22nd. Join us for the competition, the rivarly, and the cultural experience.

This is going to be a Czech-American cultural event ! Czech-American partners will have another chance to hang out in a program-wide environment.

Date: Sunday, April 22nd
Leaving from CERGE lobby at 3:50pm
RSVP (on Facebook or via e-mail) by April 5th.