Prague is one of the safest cities in the world, according to recent studies. UPCES is lucky that our students are living in a peaceful, yet vibrant city where our students are free to explore in relative safety. That being said, it’s always recommended to exercise common sense, no matter where in the world you are.


How to Study Abroad Safely

Personal Safety in Prague

The number of violent crimes in Prague is quite low, and the most common crime by far is pickpocketing, followed by petty theft. These are typically crimes of opportunity and while it’s not possible to prevent every single instance, there are definitely things people can do to minimize risk. This includes using a purse, backpack or bag that zips completely shut. It’s much harder for thieves to take your belongings if they are stored in a secure fashion. On a similar note, it’s never a good idea to keep phones, wallets or keys in your trouser pockets. Even if you’re running out the door, take the time to put your belongings in a secure bag. If you just throw them in your pocket, they probably won’t be there when you arrive at your destination.

Student flats are in neighborhoods that meet UPCES’s high standards of safety and security. No matter how safe a neighborhood may be, it’s still critical to exercise caution. Build trust with new friends outside the program before giving them information such as where you live or where you go to school. Just because someone seems nice upon the first meeting doesn’t mean that they are completely trustworthy.

Personal Safety While Traveling

We always recommend students travel in groups and have a plan to contact one another should the group split up at any time. Wherever you go, leave with the same people you went with and be wary about giving personal information to strangers.

Know before you go. Do some research on where to stay at your destination and make choices based on the safety of the neighborhoods. Read reviews diligently and do your research about the legality of AirBnb and other direct rental services, as many cities have regulations that may leave you with nowhere to stay, despite the listing on the website.

Above All Else

Always remember that students can call the UPCES emergency phone whenever they have a problem. No matter the time of day or night, someone will answer your call or text and will help you get help with whatever issue you may have. Whether you’re lost, hurt or were the victim of a crime, our staff is trained to help you reach the best outcome possible without judgement. Our sincerest hope is that none of these things will ever be a problem, but we strive to empower students to make the best decisions possible to ensure their personal safety for their entire time in Prague.