UPCES Celebrates 10 Years of Memories

This year marks the 10th anniversary of UPCES! For over one decade, UPCES has been home to international students pursuing an incredible educational experience in Prague. We are proud to have welcomed and hosted over 600 students in the course of 20 extraordinary semesters. As we celebrate this milestone, we proudly look back at some of the great memories that the program and students have created together.

From the Welcome Reception to the Farewell Luncheon, each UPCES semester sees students grow in innumerable ways. The energy and enthusiasm that each student consistently brings to Prague translates into new experiences and interactions that will not soon be forgotten. Learning a foreign language, studying alongside students from around the world, and integrating in European culture are just some of the accomplishments of each UPCES student. As UPCES students gain new understandings and perspectives, they develop skills that will last well beyond the classroom.

The 10th anniversary of UPCES is a chance to reflect on these 20 semesters. Stay tuned on our Facebook page as we post photo albums from years passed, and as we invite alumni to post their own. Alumni will also be invited to join our LinkedIn Alumni Page to reconnect and stay in touch with fellow students and those who have had similar UPCES experiences.


The first UPCES semester took place in 2002, when CERGE-EI and the Faculty of Humanities (FHS) of Charles University partnered to create a program designed specifically for undergraduate scholars seeking an enriching semester, or academic year, of study in Prague. UPCES (short for the 'Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies') is structured to provide the best possible environment for study and immersion in Central Europe. This includes small multinational classrooms, excellent professors, and innumerable outlets for cultural immersion and personal growth. At our 10th anniversary, we look forward to another decade of such accomplishments!