Now that midterms are upon UPCES students, chances are you’re probably ready to shake up your study routine. Whether you like a bustling, productive environment or a dead silent, distractionless cubby, there are options throughout the city to accommodate the needs of any student. Depending on your study style, here are places the UPCES staff recommends to keep you sane through midterms.


Collaborative Space

The group project is a common occurrence in many college courses, but it can be difficult to find a place that will accommodate large groups. You need large tables, room to spread out and a place that is conducive to conversation.

Friends Coffee House is the perfect place for group work. While many cafes in Prague are small, cozy and intimate, Friends offers plenty of large tables, seating arrangements and even a conference room that can be reserved. Located at Palackeho 179/7 (only one block from Wenceslas Square), this is the perfect place to camp out for a few hours and have a cup of coffee and a snack while you and your classmates work on perfecting your project.

Silent Space

While some students thrive in a bustling environment with a lot of background noise, many students can find this overwhelming and distracting. If putting in headphones in a busy café just isn’t for you, Prague has several options that ensure a quiet, uninterrupted space for you to do your best work.

CafeDu has a silent study room tucked behind the main cafe where you can buy a 3-month pass. In order to ensure the safety of the students working, they do require you to register ahead of time, but the room is available, clean and safe, 24 hours a day. They even have a printer and copier so you can avoid the pre-class printing panic.

Late Night

Do you do most of your work during THE OTHER nine to five? Are you most creative after dark? Are you easily distracted when working in your flat? You’ve probably realized, there are very few 24-hour spaces to study, but there are a few that are open until the clock strikes twelve.

Globe Bookstore and Café is the perfect place to burn the midnight oil. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., it offers hearty meals and fantastic coffee to keep you energized into the evening. While it may seem like a cozy bookstore when you first walk in, the café area in the back of the building offers a plethora of seats and a solid wifi connection to crank out that last paper.

Early Morning

While the debate rages on about what point late nights become early mornings, many students are most productive when they work in the morning before classes begin.

Of course, all UPCES students have 24/7 access to the student lounge and study center in the UPCES building, but if you’re looking for a new spot, we recommend any of the Cross Cafes, which all open between 6:00 and 7:00. They’re a reliable chain for coffee and breakfast and located throughout the city. The location on Milade Horakove in Prague 6 opens its doors earliest at 6:00. For this location, take the tram to Strossmayerovo Namesti.

The UPCES staff wishes all our students the best of luck during midterms. May your papers be flawless, your exams be manageable and your relief immense when all is said and done. Do you have any favorite study spots? Let the UPCES staff know so we can recommend to future students!