Letní Letná Circus returns to Prague's famous Letná park


For a full three weeks, Prague's famous Letná Park will be transformed into a genuine Circus fantasy world. The Letní Letná, as the event is known, is Central Europe's best circus festival and a major cultural event in Prague.

altThe festival brings in the biggest international names of "new circus" theatre. In addition to impressive acts from across Europe (such as the Swedish company Cirkus Cirkör and France's Compagnie YX), Letní Letná also offers acts of movement and "new circus" theater from the Czech Republic, which is well-known for its dark-themed theater, pantomime and movement performers.

Letní Letná will offer more than 90 performances over August 21st - September 9th. The festival also includes children’s shows, acrobatic acts, festival workshops, art workshops, concerts, discussions, and free performances. As the festival website boasts: "you name it, you’ll find it."