Golden Lane reopens to visitors


Nestled within the Prague Castle is Golden Lane, a charming street of miniature houses dating back to the 16th century. The famous street is strikingly peculiar amidst the grandeur of the castle's royal buildings.


Golden Lane earned its name from the alchemists who lived there during the reign of Rudolf II. These men tried (and failed) to create the elusive philosopher stone and the elixir of life. Since then, Golden Lane has had many famous residents, including Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert, the famous writer Franz Kafka, and the Prague seer Madame de Thebes, who foretold the end of Nazism. The final tenant didn’t depart until 1952!

Closed for renovation since May of 2010, Golden Lane reopened to visitors this month with a host of improvements. Highlights include a 17th-century pub, an 18th-century herbalist’s home, and the home of a castle gunner, dating from the 16th- to 17th-century reign of Rudolf II.