Plenty Going On This Month At UPCES


March can feel like a long month. The last throes of winter hover in the air, showing only slight signs of the spring weather just around the corner. The anticipation of blooming flowers, picnics, spring festivals, and sunbathing is almost palpable. But March just gets in the way.

Luckily for UPCES students, there are plenty of activities going on this month to keep the mind at ease. Classes are now in full swing and midterms are at the end of the month. On the weekends, the nearby European capitals of Vienna, Budapest, and Berlin are only a cheap bus ticket away. And there's been a noticeable burst of activity in the Prague culture scene with the premier of a famous "One World" film festival (Jeden Svet) and the opening of new exhibits around town.

UPCES has plenty of organized events this month as well, including a tour of the Prague City Museum (Thursday, March 8th), the Charles University Winter Ball (Friday, arch 9th), and a trip to the National Theatre for an opera performance of La Traviata (March 27th).

And, of course, the highlight of the month is the UPCES weekend trip to Krakow from March 15-18. This incredible European cultural capital is a vital feature of the UPCES curriculum in Central European studies. As preparation for the history of Krakow during WWII, UPCES students are invited to screenings of the critically-acclaimed film Schindler's List on Monday (March 12th) and Wednesday (March 14th). 

This busy schedule is sure to make the otherwise slow month of March fly by.