As the weather changes once again, it’s an exciting time to be in the Czech Republic. Did you know that Prague has more greenspace than any other European city? But sometimes, a quick stroll through a small park isn’t quite enough. Good news: there are places accessible by Prague’s public transportation system where you can spend a day hiking or trail running through the wilderness.

Divoka Sarka

Divoka Sarka is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city. On the northwestern end of town, the nature reserve features a gorge named after the ancient bohemian warrior Sarka, as well as a spring-fed lake and creek. Fun fact: Slavs first came to this area in the 6th century, with evidence of permanent settlements from the 7th century. We highly recommend grabbing a few friends and lacing up your hiking boots for a day on the trails. Take Tram 26 to Divoka Sarka and follow the signs to the trailheads.


This is the park that surrounds the Letohradek Hvezda, which literally translates to Star Villa. It’s a renaissance villa in a game reserve in Prague 6. Founded by King Ferdinand I in 1530, the villa quite literally was built in the shape of a six-pointed star. The village was and remains to this day, a national cultural monument. The park surrounding it is also a spectacular testament to Czech nature. It’s also a perfect balance between wild and refined with a mix of paved and unpaved trails. Go for a hike or a trail run with some friends and then take in whatever exhibit is showing a the villa. To get there, take tram 2 to Sidliste Petriny and walk about two blocks.


Located near Letna, Stromovka is a beautifully preserved former royal hunting ground. It’s less “wild” than the previous two and offers more paved trail options for accessibility. This is the perfect place to go for a picnic, a run or simply to admire the ducks in its many ponds. There are even several sculptures to visit as well. This is also one of the few locations where the Czech mounted police regularly patrol. Take the tram to Letenske Namesti and walk down the hill into another world—you’d never know that a bustling city is just on the other side of the ridge.

For all the time spent enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Prague, it can be important to reconnect with nature, especially as the seasons change. On a sunny day, nothing is better than hearing the wind in the trees and feeling the earth beneath your feet. Happy hiking!