Looking to explore Prague during the summer? Prague truly comes to life in the beautiful summer weather and Czechs and tourists alike can be seen roaming the city, exploring sites new and old. Check out these popular attractions that are booming in the beautiful Prague summer!

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a stone gothic bridge which connects the Old Town and Lesser Town together, it is also the oldest bridge in the city. It is a well-liked tourist attraction with lots of small stalls which is popular with Czech artists and musicians. The bridge gives breath-taking views of the Vltava River, which is the longest river within the Czech Republic. Charles Bridge is a replacement of Judith Bridge which was damaged by floods in 1357, the new creation was completed in 1402. Once a year on a summers day (usually 20-22nd June) it is possible to witness just before sunset the sun approach the church and go across the main tower, this is a spectacular view to see.

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is the 4th biggest in the world it goes back all the way until 1881. There are over 150 expositions and 5,000 animals including animals that would be found in rainforest in Southeast Asia. This is a good summer’s day out as an alternative to spending time in the iconic tourist locations. In 2008, it was voted the 7th best zoo in the world due to the variety in facilities they have to offer. One of the most appreciated pavilions in the zoo is the Indonesian Jungle and monkey island because it gives you the opportunity to look at the animals and play with the lemurs. Prices vary but in the summer the average price is around 150 CZK for adults to see all enclosures.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the ultimate place for exploring and site seeing in Prague. It is located in Prague 1 which is near the city centre. There are other attractions located around Old Town Square such as the famous astronomical clock, Týn Cathedral and the Church of St. Nicholas. Some of the pavements which are located around this area are memorial stones which marks the execution of 27 Czech lords in 1621. Around the square is some other types of tourist activities to do such as tours which run from behind the Old Town Square statue, there are also horse and cart rides available to go on as well as small food stores to make the trip unique.

Dancing house

The dancing house is located next to the Vltava river which has unique architecture in a distinctive shape (as seen in the photo). It was constructed between 1992 and 1996 and is located in Prague 2. There is only one part of the house which is open to visitors which is the top floor, it is also home to the Ginger and Fred restaurant which gives spectacular views over sites in Prague such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The idea of the house was inspired by the dance skills of the famous film couple.

Crawling Bronze babies

These sculptures of babies are located all over Prague which stand out all over the city. They are located in places such as the TV tower andthe picturesque skyline of the city. They are a symbol of the communist era and how they were unable to reach adulthood. They are incredibly mysterious due to the way they are structed like their faces which have no distinct features. They were originally created to be put in the modern art museum in Chicago however this never happened so they have been places elsewhere. Ten of the babies are on the Zizkov transmitter crawling up the side which is a great site to see when in Prague.

Charity brick wall of Prague

These brightly coloured bricks are located in the city centre of Prague (Prague 1) at the bottom of Old Town Square. The idea of the wall is the fund raise money for charity (mentally handicapped people) and to make people more aware of this in society. To paint one of these bricks costs 150 CZK and you can add any paint that you like and stack your brick on the wall. It is a great experience to contribute to the wall. Many people write inspirational messages, flags and draw cartoons on the bricks which helps to add colour and community spirit to Prague.