Nicki's final "Friday E-mail" to the students of Spring Semester 2011


Hi Everyone,

I know it's not Friday but if I wait until then, some of you will be gone. So, I want to send this today while you're still focused on UPCES.

Farewell Boat Cruise
We're all looking forward to the Farewell Boat cruise Friday, 20 May. You can find details on our Facebook page at here. If you want to join us walking to the river, please meet at the front door to CERGE-EI at 13:30 on Friday.

For those of you remaining beyond the program to travel in Europe, you're welcome to store luggage in the UPCES offices. Just check with one of the UPCES staff to make arrangements.

Official UPCES transcripts will be mailed to universities by 30 June. If you want to know your grades before then, please check with Pavlina. She has been kind enough to agree emailing the unofficial grades to you if requested.

Entrance Cards and Library Books
Your electronic entrance card and any library books must be returned to UPCES before you leave Prague. Grades will not be issued until they are received. If there's any problem, please let me or one of the staff know.

Study Center
In packing to return to the states, if there's anything that you don't want to take (books, magazines, electronics, etc., we'd be happy if you donated them to the Study Center for future students.

Good luck with finals this week and we'll see you on the boat Friday! It's been a pleasure having you with us this semester and we're going to miss you! Please keep in touch!!