New UPCES Google map for incoming students



UPCES has a new useful and interactive resource for incoming students. The UPCES Google Map is designed to help students during the first few weeks in Prague by marking all the important locales for living and studying in Prague. Most points are connected with useful descriptions, reviews, and tips from the UPCES staff.

For recreation, the map includes parks, cafes, theatres, specialty (vegetarian and kosher) restaurants, movie houses, malls, department stores, sports facilities, gyms, museums, and major tourist sites. For lifestyle needs, the map includes pharmacies, doctor's offices, hair salons, grocery stores, post offices, bookstores, dry cleaners, transportation hubs, and, of course, the UPCES headquarters.

With this new tool, incoming UPCES students will have no trouble navigating the winding streets of Prague. Student can easily enter their current location and find clear directions to each point on the map.

You can find the UPCES Google Map here and begin exploring it today.