UPCES Heads to Litoměřice

Next Friday, April 7th, UPCES will once again be traveling one hour northwest of Prague to the small town of Litoměřice. Every semester, this town serves as one of the four trips that UPCES offers and provides students with a look at life in a Czech town.

Litoměřice was founded in the 10th century and was considered on of the most important trading centers with the Holy Roman Empire for five centuries. In 1918, Litoměřice because a part of the newly formed Czechoslovakia. However, since this area had a large German population, there was an attempt to rejoin the land with German Austria. This land, known as the Sudetenland, became the subject of much political turmoil for years to come. 

Today, Litoměřice sits well within the Czech Republic. On the visit to Litoměřice, UPCES students will take part in a historic tour of the city to learn about it's rich history as a center for trading as well as for culture. Then, lunch will be served at a local restaurant which is situated inside an old wine cellar underground. Next, there will be a trip to Ploskovice, a large, historic chateau on the edge of town. Finally, the day trip will end with a tour and wine tasting at Velké Žernoseky, a local vineyard and winery!

Pictures of our trip will follow soon after and will be posted to the UPCES Facebook page which you can find here: UPCES Facebook