The CERGE-EI 20th Anniversary Festivities & lecture by Nobelist Joseph Stiglitz




The prestigious CERGE Economics Institute is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week with an array of parties, forums, lectures, and other events. UPCES students are invited to attend this milestone occasion!

Anniversary week will begin with an opening gala ceremony followed by a champagne reception honoring the organization's founders and graduates. The celebratory panel will feature remarks and toasts by CERGE-EI's founders and ESC members on Friday, October 7, 1:30-3:00 PM at CERGE-EI.

CERGE-EI is co-organizing the 2011 edition of Václav Havel's Forum 2000, an annual event centered around a theme that draws prestigious speakers and attendees from around the world to discuss regional social and economic issues. This year’s event will be the 15th in Forum 2000’s influential and high-profile history and will focus on the “Rule of Law.” For ongoing updates on Forum 2000 events and participants, see: http:/

On Monday, October 10 in the afternoon, Nobel Prize winner and ESC member Joseph Stiglitz will give a technical lecture tailored at a more scientific level than the public events during Forum2000.

UPCES students wishing to attend any of these impressive events may use the following RSVP