UPCES students often rave about their housing experience in their program reviews, and it's easy to see why. UPCES housing offers unique opportunities and experiences that wouldn't be possible in a dorm or similar housing. Students often have a lot of questions, so we sat down with Anna Čudová, UPCES program manager, to answer some of the most frequently asked. 


Welcome Home

Q: In your opinion, what is the best part of UPCES housing?

A: UPCES housing encourages students to live like a local and our students can experience the culture and   lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor or tourist in Prague. UPCES housing empowers students to discover interesting new foods, different customs, traditions, and lifestyles.

Q: How does move-in work? Do I have to stay at the Hotel Prokopka?

A: There is an assigned time for moving in during the first week of UPCES Orientation. Students move with the assistance of UPCES staff. UPCES staff makes sure that students do not miss anything and that everything works properly in the apartment. Once students are moved in, they sign the handover protocol.

All students are required to check into the Hotel Prokopka and cost of the stay is included in tuition.  The most important reason for this is that the Hotel Prokopka registers our students with the immigration authorities, which validates the students’ visas. If a student were to not check in with the Hotel Prokopka, this important paperwork cannot be completed, which would render the student’s visa invalid. In addition, this arrangement gives our students the chance to meet their fellow UPCES students and feel a part of the UPCES family from the beginning. The hotel is the meeting point for Orientation events. The hotel is a mix of hotel and hostel and has a friendly, English-speaking staff who are available to answer questions and help you once you arrive.

Q: I have questions or concerns about my apartment. Who do I talk to?

A: Prior to your arrival, the main person to write is me, or you can directly to our UPCES director, Nicki Norris.

Q: How are UPCES apartments selected and approved?

A: UPCES housing is carefully preselected and vetted apartments and property owners based on quality, safety, and comparable services and amenities and, of course, based on previous students’ experiences and evaluations. 

Q: As a local, what is your favorite place to explore in Prague?

A: Prague, in general, is not very big and I really like Prague's historic gardens and parks. There are over two hundred of them, and many date back to the Middle Ages. Among the best known are Stromovka, Ladronka, and Rieger Parks as well as Letná Park, with its spectacular views of the city from the Hanau Pavilion. Other noteworthy locations include the Havliček Gardens, an English-style park where you can spend time in Viniční altán, a renovated wine cellar; the Grébovka Pavilion café where you can play old-fashioned nine-pin bowling or marvel at the charm of the nearby grotto (artificial caves built in Renaissance gardens).

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to UPCES staff for assistance. If you want more information about our housing, take a look at the housing page of our website. We can't wait to move you into your new homes in just a few more days!