Get out of the city center and see that Prague has so much more to offer. Today, we’re continuing in our blog series which outlines unique sites of each of Prague’s districts. Prague 3 is a popular place for the younger crowd, as there are plenty of cultural events, cafes and a variety of places just to hang out for a few hours on a nice day. Zizkov is easily the first neighborhood that comes to mind when thinking of Prague 3 but Prague 3 also includes Vinohrady and Vrsovice, so keep that in mind when exploring! Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail along the way. 


Zizkov Tower

The second ugliest building in the world strikes again! This architectural marvel often dominates the Prague skyline from each angle. The only way to see the skyline without it is to climb to the top! The viewing area in the tower is quite impressive and there is much to do around the base of the tower. There is a park, several restaurants and in winter, a skating rink, to encourage visitors to stay and relax for a while. The nearest tram stop to the tower is Lipanksa and then it is a walk of only a few blocks. 

 "JZP" Farmers Market

We’ve talked about this before, but we’ll say it again: this is one of the best farmers markets in the city and is definitely the favorite among locals. Running from Wednesday to Saturday each week in season, this is the perfect place to go to stock up on fruit, veggies, bread and more for your busy week. Sometimes there is even live music and there is almost always fresh street food and a busy coffee stand. The nearest metro station is Jiriho z Podebrad. From there you can exit directly out onto the square where the market is held. 

Vitkov Hill

You probably saw this massive hill with the majestic statue of a man and his horse in your first days in Prague. Underneath the memorial itself is a branch of the National Museum which features a history of the 20th century as well as the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. There is also a winding network of trails running along the hill so you can get the best of both worlds when you can’t decide between a cultural activity and a park. Bring a picnic and go at sunset, and watch night fall over the red roofs of the city.  The nearest tram stop to one of the park entrances is Tachovske Namesti. 

New Jewish Cemetery 

Did you know that there’s another Jewish cemetery outside of Prague 1? This oft-overlooked resting place holds a humbling amount of history. Roughly 10 times the size of it’s Old Town counterpart, the New Jewish cemetery is still used today. Many of the monuments in the cemetery are part of the Art Nouveau movement, albeit many by lesser-known artists. There is one name that you’ve likely heard before though and that’s Vaclav Myslbek, who created the infamous statue in front of the national museum. The nearest metro station is Zelivskeho.

We could go on all day about all the incredible things Prague 3 has to offer, but we want to let you explore on your own too! These are just a few things to get you started on your adventure. Let us know what else you find for when we make our next list!