UPCES Students Speak at a Local Czech High School

Základní škola Pod Marjánkou has some very curious students. So when they had the chance to speak with UPCES students about American culture, they jumped at the opportunity.

And so began the Q&A session arranged by UPCES in conjunction with an English culture and language course at Základní škola, a Czech high school located in Prague 6. Three UPCES students volunteered their time to participate; Janelle Chong, Greg Reiner, and Ben Coman, all of whom are from the United States and are studying in Prague on UPCES for one semester.

Janelle, Greg, and Ben were asked dozens of questions by inquisitive Czech teenagers in two different class periods. Among the  questions asked were:

alt1. How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

2. What sports are popular there?

3. Is it true that Americans are bad at geography?

4. What are you studying at your university?

5. What is popular music there?

And our personal favorite:

6. Is Justin Bieber popular there?

Even with all this focus on American culture, the Czech students had time to wonder about American impressions of Czech culture. Some of the questions they asked on this topic included:

  1. Do you know any Czech?  Say something for us!

  2. Why did you pick the Czech Republic?

  3. What do you like about Prague?

  4. How is American and Czech culture different?

  5. What kind of Czech food do you like?

  6. What Czech athletes do you know?

By the end of the classes, the students were thrilled with their new insights and grateful for the unique opportunity, as were the Ben, Greg, and Janelle. This is likely to be an UPCES tradition for many years to come!