When studying abroad in Europe, many students tell us that they are walking so much more than they’re used to, which is great for physical fitness, but we get several inquiries each semester from students looking to challenge themselves and enjoy a nice jog on a crisp, clear morning. Luckily, the city of Prague has an abundance of green space and jogging trails to enjoy. Here are four of the UPCES staff’s favorites.



Boasting the iconic metronome sculpture, this city park at the top of the hill has several winding, paved trails so you can run to your heart’s content. This is also the perfect spot to take in spectacular views of the city. The site of the metronome sculpture is the former location of the massive statue of Josef Stalin, which loomed over the city from 1955 to 1962. By running around the base of the former monument, you can gain a larger appreciation for the scale of the project and the effect it had on the cityscape.

To reach Letna from the city center, we recommend taking the tram to Chotkovy Sady. From the UPCES building, it’s possible to be at Letna in 15 minutes.


Located in Vinohrady, this oasis is packed with old world charm and plenty of inlcines if you’re looking for a challenge. If the weather is hot, this is the perfect place to go, as the park is mostly shaded. Be sure to check out the artistic grottoes created by Moritz Grobe in 1888. The Krymska tram stop will get you within walking (or running) distance of the park. If you’re near this park from Thursday through Sunday, be sure to stop at the Jiriho z Podebrad farmer’s market for a post-run treat from Wednesday to Saturday!


Run with the locals at the former royal hunting grounds. This is one of the biggest parks in the city with 235 acres of preserved land, containing extensive trails and a variety of landscapes, from a forested hill to a series of ponds connected by bridges. The Letenske Namesti tram stop is the closest to Stromovka and can be reached in 20 minutes from the UPCES building.

If you’re looking for a longer run, Stromovka is only two city blocks from Letna and you can experience the unique beauty of two parks on one run.


The iconic riverside path is not only for festivals and farmers markets-- it provides a scenic space to run in the mornings and weekdays. Take in the beauty of the river and the picturesque views of the castle while you log your miles. From the river, you can see many historic monuments, such as the Rudolfinum, Mala Strana, Vysehrad and various Charles University faculties.

While running Naplavka, be sure to stay on the smooth tracks, off the cobblestones to prevent injury. The convenient part about the path at Naplavka is that it’s accessible from multiple points and there are several bridges you can use to lengthen your run and explore new parts of your beautiful second home.

As always, the UPCES staff wants to hear from you. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just like to start your day with a jog, we’d love to know your favorite places to tick off the miles and enjoy the fresh air. Happy trails!