Recent trip: AC Sparta vs. Bohemians Football Game

altFootball, along with ice hockey, is the most popular sport in Prague. The city has six local teams. Whenever two Prague-based teams place each other in football, the competition is especially intense. Such is the case when AC Sparta plays the Bohemians 1905.

Sparta is the most successful football team in the Czech Republic. the team has a storied history filled with championships and dominance over the domestic league. World famous Czech players like Pavel Nedvěd, Tomas Rosicky and Petr Čech have all played for the club, and the team currently has two stars of the Czech game, Tomáš Řepka and Patrik Berger.

The Bohemians are one of the best supported and historic clubs in Prague. Bohemians are renowned for their very loyal and vocal support. They say a Bohemian football game is one of the most enjoyable live football experiences in Prague.

UPCES is going to see these local rivals play each other in GENERALI Arena on May 14th. Join us for the competition, the rivarly, and the cultural experience.

Date: Saturday, May 14th
Leaving from CERGE lobby at 5pm
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by Tuesday, May 10th