This week, we’re taking the leap even a bit further from the city center and exploring Prague 4! This is one of the most underrated neighborhoods in the city, which means you’ll have nearly unfettered access to all the cool and quirky attractions it has to offer. As always, we recommend exploring around these places so you can find other hidden gems!

World of Jellyfish

When you think of Prague, jellyfish are not often what comes immediately to mind, but did you know that Prague is home to the World of Jellyfish, with over 10,000 of the ethereal creatures on display? Go experience this splendid surprise for yourself! Take the tram or metro to Pankrac and walk just a few blocks to the Arkady Pankrac. The exhibition is on the roof. Don’t forget to bring your student ID for discounted admission to the exhibition.

Zlute Lazne

Just because the Czech Republic is landlocked doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the beach! Head over to Zlute Lazne to see for yourself. The man-made beach along the Vltava isn’t the only thing to see while you’re there. Enjoy a meal at their restaurant, rent a standup paddleboard or kayak and even play some volleyball or basketball. They also have a packed schedule of open-air concerts and events. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon as the weather gets warmer. The nearest tram stop is Dvorce.

Chodovska Tvrz

With all the magical surprises lurking in unexpected places, it’s no shock that in Prague 4, there is a Baroque Medieval fortress waiting to be explored. Chodovska Tvrz started life as a stronghold in the Middle Ages, dating back to the 13th century. In the present day, the distinct pink circular fortress is a cultural center for Prague 4 and often hosts seasonal events. We highly recommend going off the beaten path for this one, even if it’s just for a walk through the surrounding park! The nearest bus stop is Chodovska Tvrz.

Divadlo Na Fidlovacce

This is a relatively new theatre by Prague’s standards. Built in 1921, several ensembles called this place home before it deteriorated and shut its doors in 1978. Today, the theatre has been restored to its former gritty glory and now has a full repertoire of original Czech performances as well as Czech versions of popular English shows. Whether you’re looking to immerse or just challenge your current knowledge of Czech, this could be a neat place to check out. The nearest tram stop is Divadlo Na Fidlovacce.

Prague 4 is probably one of the least-visited by tourists and it’s not for lack of anything there! There is so much to see and do and we can’t wait to hear about what you discover.