Litoměřice is the trip that UPCES students are always most surprised by. It is the most authentically local place we take our students, which includes a visit to a historic chateau, lunch at a local restaurant, a tour of a wine cellar and a private tour with a local expat guide, Tony. We love seeing Tony every semester and had a chat with him so you can get to know him before you go. 

Q: I’ve never heard of Litoměřice before. What’s there?

A: Litoměřice is full of architectural gems and beautiful sights. It wasn't destroyed during World War II and the old part of town dates back to the Baroque era and before. I fell in love with it's old streets and churches and the fact that little or no tourists knew about this town made it even more attractive so in a way it's what's not here which is loads of tourists and travelers. 

Q: What made you choose to move there? Why do you stay?

A: I had a chance to work in Litoměřice in 2000 and I thought it would be a unique and interesting experience to live in the Bohemian provinces for a year or two but I started having kids and and fell in love and now I have what my friend calls the life sentence.  

Q: What do you do for fun when you’re not leading UPCES tours?

A: I've always enjoyed visiting some of my local haunts with friends to unwind but I also read a lot and have made two independent feature films here both of which have aired on Czech TV. Keeping creative is important to me.  I'm working on a book right now about Americans who have spent the mojority of their adult lives living in Europe and them trying to figure out why. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the city to show newcomers?

A: My favorite part of the city is the garden behind my house in the summer but I also like showing people the small streets and cafes of the old part of town. 

Q: How did you learn Czech?

A: I'm not fluent. I've never studied the language properly but have only picked it up by living here twenty years and being required to speak it in order to get certain things done.  I am able to carry on conversations which is a huge victory for me because it's not an easy language to navigate. 

Get excited to experience Litoměřice-- and meet Tony on March 13! Mark your calendars and watch for an RSVP email. If you have any questions about the trip, don't hesitate to contact the UPCES staff for more information.