Mimi d'Autremont
Willamette University '13
Major: Theatre and Art History
UPCES Spring Semester '12


UPCES Trips: "I had a fantastic time on all of the group trips! UPCES put together fabulous trips that were the best way to break up individual weekend trips with smaller groups because they involved everyone, and were a fantastic opportunity for learning and socializing outside of Prague."

UPCES Independent Housing: "I loved living independently in Prague with new friends. It was a great way to have a community and support system while we all were experiencing a new culture. All of the flats we lived in were in fantastic locations; I shared so many great memories with my flatmates, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to experience Prague!"

UPCES Faculty and/or Staff: "The UPCES staff was fantastic! They were so supportive for all of us and were always willing to help us out with any and all problems, helping us find things, answer questions and even just as a friend to talk to. It was a great asset to having the UPCES staff on our trips and excursions, because they gave us their insights and knowledge to their experiences as well."

Prague Highlight: "The best thing about Prague is that anything is possible, from eating a burrito with friends in Old Town Square at 3 in the morning, to a fancy night at the Opera at the National Theatre, or any time the opportunity presents itself for street food on Wenceslas Square. A semester in Prague with UPCES can be anything you want it to be, because Prague is chock full of potential."

Favorite UPCES Trip: "My favorite trip with the UPCES team was our day trip to Litomerice because it gave us the opportunity to collectively take in a smaller Czech city, with an equally rich history. We also went to the Baroque Palace of Ploskovice, where our UPCES coordinators shared their personal feelings and knowledge of the palace, which was really cool for us. Besides the palace and the peacocks, I definitely enjoyed the wine tasting held at a nearby winery to end the day, which was a great way to continue bonding with my peers!"

Pics From Abroad: