Danielle St. Pierre, Class of Fall 2009

"Studying abroad in Prague through UPCES taught me many lessons about myself, the world around me and my place in this vast, unpredictable world. I left the program with a much greater sense of independence and perspective than when I first arrived. I learned how to adapt to a foreign environment, the value in stepping outside of my own comfort zone and—perhaps most importantly—the beauty of getting lost.

My most vivid memories are from the very first and very last days of my program when I walked past the statues and sketch artists on Charles Bridge through Malá Strana, especially just before it got dark. I loved looking up at the spires from the streets and looking down onto a sea of red rooftops from atop those spires. For me, I did the most growing up during those hours when I would purposely get lost. I found comfort in that anonymity, and UPCES helped reinforce my own sense of curiosity and adventure."