Brian Love, Class of Spring 2009

"Frankly, it was one of the best experiences of my life.  Every single day was a blast, we had a great group of people and the ability to travel to all the nearby areas was spectacular. Since my time in Prague, I learned to love the spirit of backpacking and now consider it a passion more than a hobby.  For instance, I have done multiple backpacking trips (including separate 7 month and 4 month trips) based on the positive memories and freedom during study abroad.  By March, I'll have travelled to 51 countries, which all stem from my initial exposure at UPCES.

These days, I'm a second year, JD/MBA student at Northwestern University, and take up any school provided opportunity to do an academic trip abroad.  And based on my fond memories of Prague, this upcoming August I will be student leader of 25 incoming Kellogg students on an orientation trip.  This trip location and itinerary is completely organized by 5 students leaders, and we decided to do our trip in Prague and Budapest.  This is due to how much I valued my time in Prague and want to share it with others."