Chase Vicenzi
Tulane University '14
Major: Communications & Political Science
UPCES Fall Semester '12


UPCES Courses: “My classes were intellectually stimulating both inside and outside the classroom. Being in Central/Eastern Europe, so much of what we learned in class was applicable and relevant when we stepped outside. From the politics of the former Czechoslovakia to the Czech language to my "Prague as a Living History" course, I was really immersed into the culture of the region and it made my abroad experience that much more meaningful.” 

UPCES Trips: “The trips still hold some of my best memories of study abroad. We really bonded with the program as a whole and the UPCES staff as well. You really don’t know someone until you travel with them and bringing a large group of us to foreign cities and leaving us to explore was an unreal experience!"

UPCES Independent Housing: “The UPCES housing is unique and unmatched by any other abroad program I came across. Staying all together in a hotel the first week while getting to meet each other was a blast and then finding very nice, clean, and accommodating housing right in the middle of the city was almost too good to be true. Our flats and their location made living in Prague so much more fun and convenient.”

UPCES Faculty and/or Staff: “The UPCES faculty and staff are really there to serve you and better your experience. They make the transition of moving to a foreign country for a semester so easy and welcoming. They’re very helpful, fun, and passionate about wanting to share such an amazing city and culture with study abroad students.”

UPCES Activities: “I loved the outings and activities UPCES put together for students. Orientation was fun because we got to meet everyone. The boat cruise was a great kick off to the semester in style. Walking tours of the city and different monuments was insightful and a fun way to learn about the Prague together. And the opera was definitely a cultural experience in its own.”

Prague Highlight: “I’d have to say the highlight of my time in Prague was after the boat cruise, when some other UPCES students and I wandered across the river and sat on a wall by the river all afternoon until the sun went down. We talked and laughed and really got to know each other and just took the beautiful sight of the city in with no worries or cares in the world. From then on we called it “the spot” and revisited it together and with visitors. To me, it might be the most peaceful place I’ve ever been. I hope to one day return to the spot and sit there overlooking the river and the birds once again.”

Favorite Trip: “Cesky Krumlov was definitely my favorite trip because it was in the beginning of the semester when we were all still getting to know each other and we all bonded very quickly. Staying in a small hostel with the most interesting rooms I’ve ever seen and invading this small rural town with over 60 or so of us was quite the experience. I’ll never forget sitting by the river all afternoon laughing until it got dark.”

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