Jake Grodsky
Tulane University '15
Major: Anthropology, Pre-med
UPCES Fall Semester '13


UPCES Courses: “Prior to arriving in Prague, UPCES provided us with a comprehensive list of courses, allowing us to tailor our schedules to best fit our academic interests. My favorite aspect of these courses was that many of them were related to Prague and/or the surrounding Central European region. Rather than simply discussing the different areas and sites throughout Prague, we were able to actually step out of the classroom and explore, which was an incredibly unique experience.” 

UPCES Trips: “Throughout the semester, UPCES provided us with the opportunity to go on two weekend trips, two day trips, and various activities and events throughout Prague. My favorite trip was the weekend trip to Krakow, Poland. Being able to tour Auschwitz and Birkenau with the UPCES staff and my friends on the program was an extremely moving and unforgettable experience.!”

UPCES Independent Housing: “For the first few days, UPCES provided everyone with accommodations in a nearby hostel, which allowed us to meet the other people in the program and decide who we wanted to live with. They then connected us with trusted realtors who were able to find us a perfect apartment right in the middle of Wenceslas Square and only a five-minute walk from the school.”

UPCES Staff: “Rather than being just a name at the end of an email, the UPCES staff maintained a prominent presence throughout the entire abroad experience. They were always there to help with anything we needed, whether that be fixing a problem in the flats, communicating with someone that didn’t speak English, finding a good restaurant to take your parents to, or even going to the post office to retrieve a package for you. The UPCES staff goes the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of your entire abroad experience is going smoothly.”

Prague Highlight: “Before the semester began, the UPCES staff helped me find an internship to apply for at the International School of Prague. They helped me establish contact with the right person and assisted me throughout the entire application process. At ISP, I worked as a tutor and mentor for the upper school (9th-12 grade) students, and also helped with the varsity football (soccer) team. I was able to develop relationships with students from countries throughout the world, which is an experience I wouldn’t have had without this internship. Working at ISP is one of my favorite memories from my semester abroad and something that I will never forget. I strongly encourage future UPCES students to seek out similar opportunities and find something unique to do during their semester in Prague.”

Favorite Memory: “My roommates and I decided to become fans of one of the local hockey teams, HC Lev Praha. This was a really cool cultural experience, and by the end of the semester, we found ourselves high-fiving and cheering with random Czech people throughout the games. The stadium was a short tram ride away, we would sit close to the ice for only $13, and the beer was ridiculously cheap. Eventually, we became a regular feature on the jumbotron as the Americans decked out in their Lev Praha gear. Whether it is going to a hockey game or doing any other number of things throughout the city, I would tell future students to take a step back and do something unique that will provide an experience that cannot be taught in a classroom.”

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