UPCES Study Abroad in Prague



Guaranteed, Sponsored Housing. The UPCES housing process is designed for students who want to experience the independence of city life in Prague and achieve greater immersion into the Czech culture. UPCES guarantees housing for all students.

UPCES students choose shared apartments ("flats") in Prague shortly after their arrival. Apartment options are recommended by the program and are located throughout the central sections of Prague.

UPCES tuition does not include housing costs. Rather, students pay rent to one of the program's approved real estate agencies or approved landlords. Housing costs for a full semester average approximately $2,100 per student (for a double-occupancy bedroom in a downtown apartment). Prices can vary between housing options, but all approved housing options have comparable locations and amenities.

For more details, view the UPCES Estimated Expenses Sheet 




The Housing Process

The step-by-step housing process is listed below:

  • UPCES students stay in reserved rooms in the Hotel Prokopka upon arrival in Prague*
  • As part of UPCES Orientation, students learn about UPCES pre-approved apartments across the city center**
  • Featured apartments offer a variety of location, size, and price
  • Students meet one another and attend tours of the various apartments
  • The UPCES staff is available to answer questions, attend tours, and be present at the signing of leases
  • Students usually move into shared apartments located around the center of Prague within a few days of arrival
  • All apartments are fully furnished and include internet connection, kitchenware, bedding, towels, and household appliances
  • In most cases, a pro-rated contract for a student's exact length of stay can be arranged

Note:  Students are not permitted to live in housing not approved by UPCES.


"I loved living independently in Prague with new friends. All of the flats we lived in were in fantastic locations; I shared so many great memories with my flatmates, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to experience Prague." 

-Mimi, UPCES Spring '12. View more "Student Stories" here.



Standard of Apartments

UPCES works with realtors to provide comfortable, centrally-located apartments for UPCES students. The apartments vary in rental price and size, but most include 2-3 bedrooms, a living room, a full kitchen, a full bathroom, and a half bathroom. All apartments are fully furnished and include internet connection, kitchenware, bedding, towels, and household appliances. They are all tastefully decorated in styles ranging from classic European to modern. Take a look at the pictures below (and the links to a Facebook photo album) for examples of apartments that are commonly available to UPCES students:










*UPCES pays for the first four nights in the Hotel Prokopka. The vast majority of students move into their flats after this period. Students wishing to stay in the Hotel Prokopka for additional nights may do so for approximately $30/night.

**Approved flats are offered by several agencies. Each agency specializes in short-term flat rentals for international customers. They provide English speaking agents, clear and legal contracts, and fair payment conditions. The UPCES program trusts these agencies and expects UPCES students to work with these agencies.