Juraj Hvorecký, Ph.D.

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Juraj Hvorecky is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department for Analytic Philosophy at Prague’s Institute of Philosophy. He also teaches philosophy at the University of Economics. His research interests cover primarily the area of philosophy of mind and language, with a special emphasis on various aspects of intentionality. He has been educated in Slovakia and the US. He was a Fulbright fellow at the University of Arizona and also a junior fellow at the Collegium Budapest. He regularly publishes philosophical articles at home and abroad and is one of two coeditors of the Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind and Language (in Czech).



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  1. How did you become interested in your subject and why did you want to teach it?
    • I am a philosopher by training and neve likes the way history was taught to me - it was not intelectuallly challenging and was often data driven. Plus, it was delivered in blocks: this thing happened and here is how it changed everything... I am much more interested in continuities of the wordly affairs and overall ideas that one finds behind them. So I want students to understand what was (and is) happening in this part of the world, yet in a way that would offer some universal underpinnings.
  2. I'm thinking about pursuing a career in your field. What advice can you give me?
    • First, read a lot in your desired field. Even if it might be repetitive, it builds up your base. Then be inquisitive: if something is unclear to you, ask about it, inquiry about the subject matter and get acquinted with. Finally, with this base, you can start questioning the field and the avenue of inquiry just opens itself up for you.
  3. If you were not an academic, what career would you want to pursue?
    •  Probably a consultant or a manager. In fact, I like bureaucracy way more than most of my colleagues!
  4. What is your favorite café/restaurant in Prague?
    • Too many of them, I am great foodie and this is just a tentative list: Louvre, Imperial, Milleme, Sladká dílna (the last one is far from the center, but worthy the trip!)
  5. What fictional character would you like to meet?
    • Hans Solo, obviously.

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