Covid-19 Protocol

UPCES  Protocol About COVID-19

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the upcoming semester Spring 2022.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect life around the globe in unprecedented ways, the safety of our students remains our highest priority. It is our goal to be as transparent and informative as possible, and provide students, universities, and parents with the information they need to guarantee a healthy, safe, international education experience.  

UPCES follows the U.S. State Department’s guidelines and the CDC Advisory Levels when making decisions about the students’ safety and health. The guidelines and regulations of the Czech government and the WHO are (also) strictly implemented.

Students are responsible for regularly reading the COVID-19 Resource Page on the website. The COVID-19 contact representatives are the UPCES Director in Prague and the UPCES U.S. Representative in the U.S. Contact information is available on the website.

UPCES recognizes the uncertainty created by COVID-19 and offers increased flexibility for program commitment, deposit, and tuition payment for Spring 22.

A student who withdraws from the Spring 22 UPCES program informing the UPCES Director per email and receiving the UPCES Director's confirmation of the withdrawal no later than 17 January 2022 is eligible for full refund of their tuition paid, including the deposit. A student who withdraws in the same manner after 17 January but no later than 1 February 2022 is eligible for full refund of their tuition paid except the deposit. Students may choose to use paid funds towards covering the tuition of the next UPCES full semester (Fall 2022) by informing the UPCES Director in their email application concerning Spring 22 withdrawal. 

UPCES students’ health insurance arranged for them in Prague includes the broadest coverage of COVID-19 available to visitors of the Czech Republic.

If, for whatever reason, a student is obliged (e.g. in case of mandatory return due to the pandemic) or decides to return to the U.S. during the course of Spring 2022, the UPCES staff will provide full assistance with negotiating suspension of the student’s housing. However, UPCES cannot guarantee full recovery of the remaining housing costs. 

UPCES Students have 24/7 support and emergency assistance. The UPCES staff is available to assist with arranging medical care in Prague (doctor visits, pharmacy assistance, etc.). Mental health counseling is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will UPCES refund me if the program is cancelled due to COVID-19?

UPCES reserves the right to cancel any program if COVID-19 dictates, based on local health authorities and the CDC. UPCES will inform you about program cancelation immediately. You will also be informed about future UPCES program options.  If the progam is cancelled prior to the start of a program in Prague, a tuition refund will be issued. If it is canceleld during the semester, a partial refund will be issued as classes will continue online.

When should I book my flight to Prague?

Please be sure to follow all weekly emails from UPCES Director Nicki Norris. She will confirm final program dates and let you know when it is advisable to book your flight. We recommend booking a refundable or flexible ticket option. Please do not purchase airfare until you have confirmation from our UPCES Director AND until you have received your approved visa.

Under no conditions does UPCES cover or contribute to covering students’ travel cost in case of UPCES program cancelation.

If UPCES has to cancel a program after it starts, what happens to my classes?

UPCES will continue to deliver the academic content of your program online uninterrupted.

If UPCES has to cancel a program after it starts, will I receive a refund?

Full tuition will not be refunded as UPCES will continue to offer remote online courses and credit for the semester. UPCES housing will refund initial security deposit, if appropriate.

What happens if I get sick or need to be quarantined?

In coordination with the UPCES director and staff, any student requiring medical attention will receive support and assistance in receiving the appropriate medical care. If you are required to be quarantined due to exposure to others will COVID, a plan is in place for you to receive remote learning, food and all necessities while in quarantine.