Czech Language

UPCES Czech Language Course

Here you'll find details for the required UPCES Czech Language course for the upcoming academic semester. The course includes a detailed description and downloadable syllabus. Please note that, in some instances, an upper-level Czech course will be made available to students with Czech language experience.

Elementary Czech (Mandatory)


This course targets students that are staying in the Czech Republic for a limited period of time and need to cover the basics of the language in order to communicate in everyday situations. The ultimate aim is to provide the students with basic skills, grammar, and vocabulary for handling everyday life in the Czech Republic, and to give them an idea of the Czech language system as well as Czech culture. The instruction uses a communicative method of teaching: the material is based on situations the students face, not on a grammatical overview of the language, with an emphasis on both receptive and productive language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing). Grammar is used functionally, as a tool to reach a communicational competency, but it is not the core purpose of the learning process.