Vanda Černohorská, Mgr. et Mgr., Ph.D.

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Vanda Cernohorska is a postdoctoral researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences, focusing on gender inequalities from an intersectional perspective, digitalization, and social resilience. Currently, she is researching the issue of the production of gender expertise in times of crisis and post-crisis recovery in the "CoRe: Beyond Security - Role of Conflict in Resilience-Building" (2023 - 2028) project at the National Contact Centre for Gender & Science, the Institute of Sociology. She also works at the Centre for Science, Technology, and Society Studies at the Institute of Philosophy, where she researches the impact of digital technologies on the perception of time and wellbeing as part of the "Time experience in Europe's digital age - TIMED" project (2022 - 2025). She was awarded a Fulbright grant and spent 2015/2016 as a Visiting Assistant in Research at the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology. Before her career in academia, Vanda worked for the NGO sector in the Czech Republic and abroad (Turkey and Northern Iraq), focusing mainly on migration issues and women's rights. She serves as a chairwoman of the Gender Expert Chamber of the Czech Republic (2020 - 2024) and the Chair of the Committee on the Institutional Framework for Gender Equality (as of 2023), an advisory committee of the Government Council for Gender Equality.

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