Tomáš Hříbek, Ph.D.

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Tomas Hribek is a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In addition to the UPCES, he also teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Anglo-American University in Prague. His interests range from topics in theoretical philosophy (mind & consciousness) and value theory (bioethics, aesthetics), to cultural history (in particular Central European modernism). His recent publications include "Mach and Panqualityism" (Ernst Mach--Life, Work, Influence, ed. F. Stadler, Springer 2019) and "Minimum Dwellings: Otto Neurath and Karel Teige on Architecture" (The Vienna Circle in Czechoslovakia, ed. R. Schuster, Springer 2019). Tomas joined the faculty of the UPCES program in Fall 2008.

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