Tereza Brdečková, Ph.D.

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Tereza Brdečková is a film expert and writer. She studied Cinema at the FAMU film academy in Prague (1977-82). In 1992, she was the programming director of the Karlovy Vary Interntional Film Festival. From 1995-2005, she was a leading programmer and programming director of the Febiofest film festival. She is a member of FIPRESCI – the  international organization of film critics. Tereza has written several  film scripts, five novels and several non-fiction books.  Since 1997, she has had her own public TV documentary series involving interviews with Central European seniors.  She has been working since 2010 as art and festival project coordinator at the CME society. She has teaching experience at both FAMU and UPCES.

Orientation – Eastern European cinema as an instrument of understanding the history and development of the region.

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