Silvie Převrátilová, M.A. et M.A.

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Silvie Převrátilová got her Master's degree in Czech Language and Literature, together with her Master’s in Teaching, at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. Her second Major is the English Language and Linguistics. During her studies, she focused on the theme of teacher-student roles in the teaching of foreign languages. She collected material during her study-abroad stay at the Slavonic Dept. at the University of Sheffield, UK, where she also worked as a teaching assistant in 2002. She has been teaching both English and Czech as foreign languages since 1998 and has also worked as a teacher trainer. She participated in the development of Czech language coursebooks and is responsible for the curriculum of the Czech language classes in UPCES. Currently, she also teaches Czech Language courses at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University. When not in class, she works on translations, enjoys working out, and does DIY projects. 

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