Silvie Převrátilová, Mgr., Ph.D.

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Silvie Převrátilová is an assistant researcher at the Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication, Faculty of Arts, Charles University where she helps train new Czech language teachers. She got her two Master's degrees in the Czech Language and Literature and English Language and Linguistics together with her Master’s in Teaching. After years of teaching experience, she got her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics. Besides teaching and teacher training, she develops Czech language course books and additional materials. Her main research interests are motivation in language learning and teaching, study abroad, multilingualism, and teacher development.


Elementary Czech Language

Get to Know Your Professor

  1. I'm thinking about pursuing a career in your field. What advice can you give me?
    • Suppose you want to pursue a carrier as a language teacher or researcher. In that case, being in Prague is an excellent opportunity to volunteer and teach English. This can teach you a lot about your mother tongue and how it is learned by non-native speakers. Additionally, I recommend learning foreign languages while you are young. I can be helpful in any career, especially in multicultural and multilingual environments.
  2. If you were not an academic, what career would you want to pursue?
    • If I wasn't an academic, I would waitress at a café since I am a coffee addict and love talking to people (fortunately, I can do both when being a teacher).
  3. What is your favorite café/restaurant in Prague?
    • My favorite cafe is Kavárna Hlína at Kampus Hybernská, near Palladium mall. It is hidden in one of the old courtyards in the Old Town and looks run-down at first sight (with shabby furniture and hipster spirit, founded by students). The Faculty of Arts regularly organize culture and art events there. I love their coffee, wine, and craft beer on tap.

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