Ondřej Skripnik, Ph.D.

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Ondřej Skripnik (born in 1975) is currently the Head of Anthropology for bachelors at the Faculty of Humanity Studies of Charles University in Prague. He studied anthropology and sociology in Prague and Constance, and in 2001 received an M.A. in cultural anthropology from the Faculty of Humanities for his thesis The Oath of Hippokrates.

Ondřej Skripnik has been an Assistant Professor of Jan Sokol since 2000 and has been teaching at the university level since 2003. Courses taught at Charles University (CU): Man and Religion; Chapters from cultural anthropology, Archaic law, Prague as a living history. His research and teaching interests cover several fields, including philosophic anthropology, religious science, and anthropology of law. His research activities are oriented mainly on the ethno-cultural issues of Europe; he has fieldwork experience with the Roma community living in villages in Slovakia and Bohemian cities as well. He has published articles and participated in lectures in Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Great Britain.

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