Josef Fulka, Ph.D.

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PhD. in Philosophy (Charles University, Prague) in 2003. M.A. in Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in 2001. 

2003 – 2011: teaching asssistant at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, department of semiotics. 2005 – 2011: researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences, department of the 20th century philosophy. 2005: research fellowship at Maison des sciences de l´homme, Paris. 2004: visiting fellow at Collège international des traducteurs littéraires, Arles, France.

Josef Fulka has published books on psychoanalysis (Psychoanalysis and Contemporary French Thought, Prague 2008), literary theory (Roland Barthes – From Ideology to Fantasy, Prague 2010), modern philosophy (Michel Foucault: Politics and Aesthetics, Prague 2005, co-authored with Pavel Barša) and French Enlightenment (Denis Diderot and Contemporary Philosophy, Prague 2004). He has translated more than twenty books from French. In 2009, he was awarded the Wichterle Award for Outstanding Young Researchers of the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic. 


Fields of research: modern philosophy, literary theory, psychoanalysis.

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