Jan Šulc, Ph.D

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Jan Šulc (*1965 in Prague) studied Modern Philology (English and Portuguese) at Charles University, Prague (1983–88), worked as an editor of non-fiction (essays, literary criticism, art history) at Odeon Publishers, Prague (1990–93) and from 1993 to the present has worked as a free-lance editor of Czech literature and writing on twentieth-century photography for more than twenty other publishing houses in Prague and Brno, particularly Torst, Prague. Has edited more than 100 books of, or about, modern Czech literature (essays, criticism, fiction, poetry) by leading Czech writers, including the collected works of the dramatist and essayist Václav Havel, the collected works of the song-writer Karel Kryl, the poetry and plays of Josef Topol, the poetry of Emil Juliš, the essays of Jan Zábrana and of Václav Černý, the poetry of Pavel Šrut and of Ivan Wernisch, the writing of the photography historian Anna Fárová and of the literary and film critic Jiří Cieslar.

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