Economics and Finance Studies (IEF)

Make the most of your semester abroad with the International Economics and Finance (IEF), a new study abroad opportunity at UPCES in Prague  primarily for economics, finance, and business students.

(SRING semester only)

The International Economics and Finance studies (IEF) enables undergraduate students with structured majors such as economics and business to benefit from studying abroad while remaining on track for graduation.

The IEF studies under UPCES offers students the opportunity to choose from an extended course list at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of Charles University, exploring topics in modern economics and finance, incorporated with issues related to policy, management, accounting, and strategy. Course titles include International Finance, Strategic Management, Public Policy, and the Economics of Global Business.

Students take five courses (including a Czech language course) for 16 U.S. credits. All courses are taught in English. The distribution between the IEF economics and business course selection, and the UPCES liberal arts course selection should reflect the student’s main interest and major which will benefit them in their future profession. Combining the two areas provides a unique opportunity for double major students as well as for economics majors who would like to expand their knowledge in another field of study.

Note: for all additional information please see the UPCES Student Life, VISA and FAQs page.