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UPCES Summer courses are designed to fulfill the same credit hour requirement per course (3 credits/course in total) within 6 weeks which is comparable to coursework during a regular semester.

Course Numbering

All Summer courses are designed specifically for U.S. university junior/senior level and correspond to the upper-level credit distinctions provided at most North American universities. University Academic Advisors should refer to the course syllabi to determine if credit is approved or not for individual courses.


All students receive a cumulative letter grade for each course corresponding to a four-point scale (4.0=A, 3.67=A-, 3.33=B+, 3.0=B, etc.). The exact breakdown of each course grade will vary from course to course, although typically the final grade reflects a combination of examinations, class participation, term papers, and/or group projects and presentations.

Transcript Policy

To request transcripts, please contact the UPCES Director and provide the mailing address for the transcript(s) and any other relevant details.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

As an American study abroad program in Prague, UPCES recognizes and honors the American Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States, and is fully compliant to the academic accommodations required by students covered by ADA.

Students requiring academic accommodation should inform the UPCES Director prior to the beginning of classes so these accommodations can be arranged. The student's university should send official Academis Accommodation Requests to the UPCES Director prior to the beginning of classes.

Rarely, there could be an accommodation that presents a challenge to arrange so students should always check ahead of time with the UPCES Director. I there are any questions about ADA compliance, please contact the UPCES Director.