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About Summer Programs

Welcome to the UPCES Summer Program! 

UPCES is an undergraduate liberal arts study abroad program at CERGE-EI and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. In addition to the popular semester programs, UPCES has organized exceptional SUMMER PROGRAM that provides a rewarding opportunity to students.

This unique program offers you a chance to see the world from an entirely new perspective. You'll have the opportunity to study new subjects, get a peep inside a new foreign language through interactive workshops, gain new insights, and immerse yourself in a European culture. 

UPCES offers a personalized approach to study abroad. Our mission is to provide undergraduates with an unmatched six weeks abroad in Prague through dedicated instruciton, international integration, and excellent program support.


Summer Program at a Glance

- Location: Prague, Czech Republic

- Building: Schebek Palace

- University: Charles University Faculty of Humanities, CERGE-EI

- Director: Nicki Norris

- Dates: View our Academic Calendar

- Credits: 6 academic credits per program

- Course load: 2 courses per program

- Language of Instruction: All courses taught in English

- Eligibility: 3.0 GPA and four completed college semesters

- Housing: Student housing included in tuition

- Application: Online


We offer two programs each containing two courses.


A. European Integration and Politics of Beloning in Europe

B. Sociology as the Surrealistic Prague Experience


A. Comparative Economics and Economics of Transition
B. Economic History of Central and Eastern Europe


To learn more about the individual programs and courses visit the detailed description at courses.