Now that we’ve begun the new year, it’s likely that Spring 2020 UPCES students are excitedly laying out their clothes and other belongings in preparation for their semester in Prague. When packing for two seasons and a completely new culture, it can be tough to know what to pack and what to leave behind, but fear not—the UPCES staff has all the tips and tricks to help you make the best decisions and save you precious space and weight in your suitcase. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to pack a large bottle of shampoo or a second coat.

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As the holiday season draws near, it’s a fun time to compare and contrast the traditions of your home country with the traditions of the Czech Republic. While there are many similarities throughout the world, there is one tradition that marks the beginning of the holiday season that baffles foreigners: St. Nicholas Day. While many people who celebrate St. Nicholas day associate it with candy-filled shoes, you’ll notice that it’s celebrated very differently on the streets of Prague and in Czech homes. Here’s what you need to know in preparation for the week’s festivities.

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When you look at the Prague skyline, it becomes apparent that there are several structures significantly newer than the rest. One of the spires that pierces the iconic view from the castle is white instead of black or copper and looks like it’s from an episode of the Jetsons. The Zizkov TV tower is one of the newest additions to the architecture of the city and remains one of the most distinct as well. Here are some fast facts about the tower so you know before you go:


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It is unmistakable, sitting proudly at the very top of Wenceslas Square, its façade lit brilliantly at night, the green-hued, gilded domes glowing during the day. The National Museum re-opened in 2018 after an extensive years-long reconstruction, which highlights the magnificent structure in all its original glory. The outside of the building is not all that’s spectacular about the museum. The collections housed within its walls offer insight to worlds past, present and future, enthralling guests young and old. It’s the perfect place to visit on a free afternoon, as it’s conveniently located just a few steps away from the UPCES building!

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Now that midterms are upon UPCES students, chances are you’re probably ready to shake up your study routine. Whether you like a bustling, productive environment or a dead silent, distractionless cubby, there are options throughout the city to accommodate the needs of any student. Depending on your study style, here are places the UPCES staff recommends to keep you sane through midterms.

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