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All IEF courses are taught completely in English by experienced professors. They are designed and tailored towards the interests and expectations of visiting American undergraduate students. While IEF aims to offer topics that are unlike what is offered by home institutions, there is no compromise on the high quality of teaching and student care that students are used to from their home institutions.

Courses also open to full-time, degree-seeking students at Charles University, so that IEF students can meet local and other international students.

IES lecture hall

IEF courses are taught by distinguished academics or experts. They will mostly consist of interactive lectures in which the professor develops the topic with input and questions from the students. Professors are closely in contact with the students and class sizes are small (around a dozen students), depending on enrollment. In some classes, students work in small groups (3-4 students) on assigned tasks and pursue their own learning objectives based on their educational background and interests.