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Mission Statement

The IEF studies aims to provide students with tools and experience in economics and finance. It enhances their understanding of today’s global commerce and economic interactions. The IEF studies is organized in cooperation with two successful institutions, providing a powerful educational experience:

CERGE-EI is a joint workplace of Charles University in Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences. It is one of the top-ranked research institutions for economics in Central Europe and ranks among the top 5% of economics institutions worldwide according to Research Papers in Economics (RePEc). CERGE-EI has an international faculty, many of whom have degrees from top international (including US) institutions. All teaching is in English.

UPCES (Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies) is a long-established, successful program with robust enrollment and high satisfaction ratings from students and universities. Launched in 2001, UPCES benefits undergraduate students from a wide variety of majors and interests. Crucially, UPCES offers a personalized approach to study abroad.