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Admission Requirements

The IEF studies seek undergraduate students with strong academic abilities, specifically in economics, finance, business, and related disciplines. The IEF studies also value personal experience outside of college and future aspirations.


  • Good Academic Standing
  • Online Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • Copy of Passport
  • Transcript

“GPA Requirement: IEF recognizes that the past two academic years have presented students with unprecedented challenges and levels of stress.  Consequently, we believe that the traditional metrics of evaluating student preparedness, including GPA, are now more difficult to interpret.  In order to maximize chances for students to experience study abroad, IEF will evaluate each application holistically and rely on the broader recommendations of our study abroad partners instead of the GPA.”


Admission decision on a rolling basis


  • semester in Prague:  $10,350
  • a full year in Prague:  $19,700
  • enrollment at Charles University
  • 5 courses for a total of 16 academic credits
  • 2 - week Orientation session
  • 4 program trips

For more detailed information on what IEF/UPCES tuition includes please click here: What’s Included   


The Fall Semester typically runs from early September through mid-December. The Spring Semester typically runs from early February through mid-May, with a one-week semester break. Please check our Academic Calendar for the actual dates of each upcoming semester.                                  

Academic Prerequisites

It is highly recommended that students in the International Economics and Finance (IEF) studies complete certain prerequisite courses before their semester in Prague.

Prerequisites in order of importance include:

  1. Microeconomics - One introductory-level course
  2. Macroeconomics - One introductory-level course
  3. At least one intermediate-level course in Macroeconomics OR Microeconomics
  4. Introductory coursework in Calculus OR Econometrics (AP Calculus is accepted).

Additional Requirements

IEF students must have at least four semesters of university-level education completed before the commencement of their study abroad. If their home university encourages study abroad before Junior Year, they may be considered for admission with a recommendation from their home university.

Students should be in good academic standing with their home university.*
Students must meet the minimum 3.5 GPA  requirement to qualify for admission to IEF. 

Students with significant economics and finance qualifications may be able to enroll in advanced courses. Contact the IEF Staff for details.

If a student does not meet all these prerequisites, they may be considered for admission with a strong letter of recommendation from their home university. Introductory courses in finance, management, business or accounting may also serve as prerequisites. Interested students should not hesitate to contact IEF Staff with any questions.