Welcome to the UPCES Reading Materials page. Here you will find resources for course texts and library items.

Our reading materials site and buildling library contain an extensive and up-to-date collection. The library is equipped with the latest computer technology, and offers access to widely used databases and statistical materials. The library is an official depository library of the World Bank and UNCTAD documents.

Course Reading Materials

UPCES students receive free course reading packs for many courses. In addition, reading materials are often available for electronic download on our secure site. Students can access these reading materials with a private username and password provided at the start of classes. Please confirm the security exception for this webpage, if prompted.

CERGE-EI Library

The CERGE-EI Library, established in 1992, has grown into a rich resource of academic literature, journals, monographs, and periodicals. Today, it is considered the best economics library in Central and Eastern Europe.